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The Cloth Clean 18 - The innovative way to clean worker clothes in 18 seconds

Air Blast

There are a number of industries that deal with products which create large amounts of dust as a routine part of their operations. Take for instance the coal industry in which all miners will emerge from the shaft at the end of their day completely covered in coal dust. Recent studies conducted by the US Bureau of Mines shows that the average miner is exposed to as much as ten times more dust as a result of the dust carried in his clothing. Trying to take their clothes home and wash them is ineffective and only servers to contaminate their homes and families. Instead an air blast shower can be installed that each miner can stand in that will remove this dust in approximately 20 seconds. Unlike using an air wand that only spreads the dust around making the contamination worse the air blast shower is a self - contained room that the worker stand in while a scientifically engineered manifold of air nozzles work together to direct an air blast that will remove all traces of dust and dirt from the employees clothing. The air blast is strong enough to remove dust, dirt and debris from the clothing in 20 seconds and then the vacuum and filtration system will remove them from the air. These clothes cleaning booths were developed in conjunction with NIOSH, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health as a way to reduce the damage done by dust to the health of mineworkers.

However, their uses have multiplied to the point where many different industries that deal with dust and fibers are installing air blast clothes cleaning booths. Industries that work with fiberglass, metals, powder coating and textiles are all using this technology to cut down on work related illnesses and injuries. Even those involved in certain aspects of the healthcare industry are seeing the value of ensuring that their employees have dust free clothing to wear, especially those involved in the manufacture of medications where the entire manufacturing process is done in a clean room atmosphere to ensure any risk of contamination. For years auto repair shops have dealt with a variety of dusts including asbestos, and now Kevlar and assorted metals and plastics that create toxic dust clouds. Wearing breathing apparatus while working removes the dust during that time, but when the employee takes of the mask and there is still dust on his clothing, he will end up breathing it in negating much of the good that the mask did in the first place.

The air blast clothes cleaning system is designed to ensure that no one has to breathe the collateral dust and suffer the consequences. Whether you need an air blast clothes cleaning system for coal dust or pharmaceutical dusk, SK Bowling can build one to suit your needs. All cabinets are NIOSH approved and completely self-contained. They can be ordered with their own air compressors or connected to your existing compressed air system and are designed to run on standard 230V electrical power.


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