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Air Shower

Now that you have installed a brand new paint both in your shop, you might think that you have done all that you can to remove any chance of getting dirt and dust ruining the paint job you have agonized over. Then when you get done and look at the finished product, the first thing you notice is the one thing you thought you had taken care of with the purchase of a new paint booth. Despite all that you have done the one thing that you did take into consideration is that every time you walk into the booth, you bring in a fresh supply of dust and dirt. To prevent this you will have to install an air shower room that you can walk through on your way into the spray booth. An air shower is simply a small room that you step into that has two sets of sealed doors. One set leads to the outside while the leads directly into your paint booth. Once you step into the booth the door automatically seal so that the air blast can remove any signs of dust particles or dirt from your painting suit and then uses HEPA filtration to make sure that these particles are removed from the air and there is no chance of your carrying them into the paint booth with you.

The air flowing out of the air shower flows at approximately six to eight thousand feet per second which provides a virtual scrubbing action that will remove any dust or dirt that you have carried into the room with you. The air is the pulled out of the room through vents in the floor and lower walls and back through the filtration system. In most cases the filters will remove particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. The air shower room is lit and features an emergency stop button in case something should go wrong. Should you have to use the emergency stop button or the power fail the automatic doors will release so that you are not trapped inside.

If you are serious about providing a perfectly clean room for painting your customers cars, do not stop at buying the best paint both you can afford. Go the extra step and install an air shower room that will remove the final traces of dust and dirt from the person who is planning to do the painting so that ever car you paint has a flawless finish and your customers will be ecstatic with the job you have done. If you are looking for an air shower or a new paint booth for your automotive paint and body shop, you need to contact SK Bowling. They can custom build your complete paint booth system for you from the ground up. They will come to your shop and install the entire system for you and train you and your employees on the proper operation of both systems. All of their paint booths are ETL listed and meet the appropriate health and safety regulations.



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