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When you set out to paint an automobile the use of a paint spray booth is vital to the outcome of your project. There are many conditions that must be met in order to obtain a perfect finish far beyond surface preparation and the skill of the painter. Of the conditions inside the booth none are more important than the availability of to quality air. This means that you must have a good flow of filtered air that is at the optimum temperature for painting. The process of painting a car involves the use of a specially designed spray gun. The gun has a supply of paint mixed with solvent and is attached to a supply of compressed air. The solvent is used to thin the paint down so that it can be sprayed and the compressed air provides the propellant. The paint is vaporized as it leaves the spray gun and arrives on the surface of the car in a fine mist.

The airflow inside the paint spray booth must be sufficient to remove any excess paint or overspray, without affecting the flow of paint onto the surface of the vehicle. The air flow inside the paint spray booth must be strong enough to wick away the overspray and the fumes from both the paint and the solvent. The flow inside the booth is directional in order to facilitate this and modern booths use a down draft system that pulls the paint and fumes down into special vents at the bottom of walls and in the floor. It has been found that for most automotive applications this downdraft flow is far more efficient than the older cross flow systems of just a few years ago. Air temperature is very important inside the paint spray booth and plays a major role in the quality of the finish. If the air temperature is too cold the solvents used to thin the paint will not evaporate as intended, this can cause them to fall back on the vehicle's surface and ruin the finish.

At the same time if the air is too hot, the solvents will evaporate too quickly resulting in dry paint that will not adhere to the surface or may appear as a powdery finish that will not achieve the appropriate level of shine. Finally the air must be fully filtered so that when it enters the paint spray booth it does not carry with it any dust or dirt that could end up getting dropped into the new finish. To help with this need for an absolutely dust free environment the doors must also seal airtight to keep dust and dirt from entering causing the painter to have to sand these particles out of the painted surface and repainting the car again. When you are ready to have a custom built paint spray booth installed in your auto body shop that utilizes the latest state of the art air handling systems you need to contact SK Bowling. All paint booths manufactured by SK Bowling are engineered to help you provide your customers with the finest quality finish possible with no signs of dirt in the paint.


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