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Paint Spray Booths

There are many different applications that require the use of paint spray booths, the most common one people think of is the painting of cars. These booths are typically found in in every auto body repair shop in the country. However, there are many industrial applications that require a clean, safe place to paint either individual parts during the manufacturing process or the finished product. Many of these tasks were once done by hand with a brush or a roller, but now are completed using fully automated paint spray booths. Painting by hand using a brush or a roller is a very time consuming process and does not always result in a perfect finish. It involves exposing a worker to fumes and chemicals that are less than pleasant to work with and in many cases, given the finishing products used today, exposure to toxic fumes. When automated paint spray booths are used to apply the final finish to product, the entire process takes place inside a sealed environment.

This keeps the fumes and any overspray safely within a controlled environment away from the employee. These booths make use of constant air flow and filtration system to control the fumes and keep them from escaping into the environment not only protecting the operator, but those around him and the world in general. Since a perfect finish is required on all products, the public expects a finished product to have no runs, no bare spots and no blemishes, paint spray booths with the appropriate spray equipment are designed to provide this type of finish. Using spray guns that have been carefully designed and are in most cases computer controlled for flow rate and direction has been long since proven to be far superior to the work that can be done by hand, even by a highly skilled painter. Another important factor that must be taken into consideration within the industrial production scenario is speed. The use of paint spray booths has enabled production lines to move far faster than at any time using individual painter to accomplish the same tasks.

In many industrial settings it is possible to use a production line setting that places multiple products into the booth for painting at the same time. This speeds up the process allowing the manufacturer to complete more their products in far less time and with the use of one or two employees to run the machinery instead of several painters. If you are setting up a production line that requires the use of paint spray booths in the finishing process you should contact SK Bowling for an estimate. With over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of many different styles of spray booths including those required for industrial finishing and the automotive world. All booths are custom designed to suit the particular application of the buyer and are fully ETL certified covering the design, construction and installation of each booth, stating that they meet all federal, state and local legal requirements as well as those established under NFPA 33.


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