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Spray Booths

Spray painting is by its own nature a very messy task, there are fumes created by the solvents in the paint that have to be channeled away from the painter and overspray and paint residue to deal with. When you are painting a single small object with a spray can the problems are minor and most people do not worry about them. In an industrial setting where this type of painting is done on a much larger scale spray booths must be used to protect both the painter and those around him. Spray booths come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of the task at hand. The majority of the designs create a completely enclosed environment to paint the product in. The intent is to provide an area where paint or any other finish such as varnish or protective films can be sprayed onto a product or surface without creating a hazardous environment for those who must work it the same area or are in charge of applying the coating. In many factory settings paint is applied by hand and the spray booths typically have an open face work area that is designed to allow the employee access to the product.

The booths are still designed to remove all traces of the solvents used to thin the paint down for application as well as any overspray. Full airflow is used to replace contaminated air with fresh while suction filtration systems remove the toxic fumes and by products from the air before it is recirculated back through the booth or is vented into the atmosphere. Depending on the type of finish being applied many spray booths also incorporate some form of heat to aid in speeding up the drying times. Some of the more popular finishes now require heat in order for them to cure and become the durable finish that the manufacturer claims they are capable of. Others require a constant flow of warm in order for the product to flow properly onto the surface being painted. In order to qualify for use in industrial settings all spray booths must have some form of fire suppression system in place to prevent the spread of fire beyond the spray booth and to eliminate the risk of explosion in the event of a fire.

All booths must meet with UL standards and OSHA requirements before they can be placed into service in an industrial setting to protect the employees from any form of physical harm. At SK Bowling you will find a company that builds spray booths for a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, marine and the textile industry. All booths are American made and are custom designed for each particular application to make sure that the spray booth you buy is going to perform exactly as you need it to. All booths are ETL rated making them among the very best spray booths on the market today. Once designed and built SK Bowling provides full installation including permits, plumbing, wiring and gas piping to ensure your complete satisfaction.




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