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Spray Paint Booths

When you are in the automotive body repair business, the expenses can be overwhelming. With so many different tools to buy, employees to pay and the day to day costs of being in business continually going up. When the time comes to looks at new spray paint booths for your shop you are going to be making a major investment and need to make sure you are going to be getting what you are paying for long before you sign a contract and pay for your new booth. As you may have noticed, if you have already been doing a little window shopping, there are a lot of different companies producing spray paint booths. It can make finding the right one very challenging, even though you might think that this would make it easier. There are certain advantages to having a big selection of companies to choose from, for the most part it gives you the opportunity to see a variety of different variations on a theme and find one that fits your needs exactly rather than having to settle for paint booth that you are going to have to modify before you can use it.

While there are many different companies that manufacture spray paint booths both here in the US and in several overseas companies that import them to the US, you need should be more interested in dealing with a company that has an established record for quality and customer service. It can be very difficult to deal with a company based overseas when it comes to customer service, warranty problems or failure to conform to the required laws and regulations. You might find that dealing with a domestic manufacturer of spray booths will be a better choice. Finding one that has been in business for several years is an even better choice. This will allow you to see several of their previous installations and talk their customers to see how well they like their paint booths. As with anything you buy, a company with more experience is likely to provide a much more refined product that has already had the bugs worked out of it. When you are looking for a company that makes custom spray paint booths you should also be taking a close look at the various certifications that they have regarding the integrity of their products. Any booth you buy will need to pass the standards established by the federal government, your state laws and any local ordinances that might be in place. If the booth you purchase does not meet any one of these standards, you could end up being fined or risk losing your business altogether.

Once you have looked at the different manufacturers of spray paint booths in the Southeast, you will find that SK Bowling is likely to be your best choice. All of the booths are built to meet your needs, but more than this they are one of the few manufacturers that are ETL listed. This listing states that all of their booths are fabricated, built and installed in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local building codes and that they meet NFPA 33 requirements for fire safety.




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