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The Cloth Clean 18 - The innovative way to clean worker clothes in 18 seconds

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1. Bumpers Clear 2 shows the painter putting the clear coat on a bumper. The airflows are doing a great job of taking the overspray out of the booth. . . Watch Video

2. Clear 1 shows the painter putting clear coat on a car. This is another good example of the airflow and exhaust of the overspray. . . Watch Video

3. Paint shows the painter putting the base coat on the car. Itís hard to see any overspray lingering in the air in this clip. . . Watch Video

4. Bumper Grey Paint shows how the airflows are evenly distributed the entire length of the booth. This is within 3 feet of the end of the booth. The grey bumper is being painted next to a black bumper without any contamination of grey on black. . . Watch Video

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