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Fire Suppression

SK Bowling is proud to offer Fire Suppression Systems from our Partners in Quality Manufacturing:
  • Badger Industry Guard - Dry Chemical System
  • MONARCH by Pyro-Chem - Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical System

    Industry Guard - Dry Chemical System

    Fire Suppression System for Industrial Applications
    Industrial fire suppression systems made with optimum safety, flexibility, ease, and affordability in mind.  UL 1254 Listed

    Industry Guard - Dry Chemical System Fire Suppression System for Industrial Applications Badger Fire Protection, (formerly Figgie Fire Protection Systems) was formed in September, 1992 from the consolidation of ASCOA Fire Systems and Badger-Powhatan. Badger-Powhatan traces its origins back to the last century.

    Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Badger Fire Protection offers a comprehensive range of industrial fire extinguishers, dry chemical fire suppression systems, and Range Guard, the nations leading commercial kitchen wet chemical fire suppression system.
    Top quality industrial fire suppression systems for:
    • Processes involving flammable liquids
    • Dip tanks
    • Automotive paint spray booths
    • Coating operations
    • Quench Tanks
    • Flammable liquid storage areas
    • Paint Mixing Areas
    • Spill Containment Dikes
    • Bulk Storage
    • Specialty Hazards
    • Modular Storage Facilities
    • Environmental Storage Facilities
    • Exhaust Ducts
    • Machinery Spaces
    • Mechanical Rooms
    • Enclosed Hazards
    • Boiler Rooms
    • Furnace Rooms
    • Generator Rooms
    • Switchgear Rooms
    • Storage Rooms
    Why Industry Guard?

    Badger's Industry Guard Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System uses dry chemical compounds that, pound for pound, suppress more fire than any other agent. 

    Industry Guard's flexible, pre-engineered systems are easy and affordable to install and maintain in virtually any industrial setting.  Industry Guard is from Badger Fire Protection: we've been designing fire suppression systems for over 37 years.

    Coverage is Key...
    Industry Guard systems assure the best dry chemical coverage in the industry, quick fire detection and suppression, 24-hour, continual fire protection, superior dry chemical coverage that quickly suppress fires, and audible and/or visual notification of system activation.

    Easy and Affordable to Install & Maintain
    Industry Guard systems are compact, rugged and reliable - offering maximum protection with minimum maintenance.  Industry Guard's pre-engineered systems, backed by over 20 years of industrial design experience, are more cost effective because:

    • Flexible, Versatile system components save on hardware costs.
    • Installation is faster and easier.
    • You consistently save on hardware and fire suppression agent costs because Badger has the right cylinder sizes and the right dry chemical agent (ABC or BC) for your system.
    • Industry Guard system recharging is fast and economical; great for keeping maintenance costs low.
    • In applications where a dedicated water supply is not available, Industry Guard is the easy, affordable alternative to water and other costly clean agents.

    MONARCH by Pyro-Chem

    Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical System

    MONARCH by Pyro-Chem

    The MONARCH System is an industrial-strength leader for:
    • Vehicle an Industrial Paint Spray Booths
    • Open Faced Industrial Paint Spray Booths
    • General Industrial Total Flooding
    • General Industrial Local Applications
    • The MONARCH System delivers a surplus of cost effective fire protection components.
    • Automatic detection and actuation controls provide 24 hour protection.
    • Dedicated manual actuation system allows immediate actuation at the first sign of fire and provides back up to the automatic detection system.

    Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical System for Fire Suppression

    • The most effective fire-extinguishing agent in the industry, dry chemical suppresses more fire than any other agent.
    • Pressurized DOT rated steel tanks ready for release in the event of a fire.
    • Pressure gauge on the agent tanks allows visual inspection of system status.
    • Fully assembled and 100% tested mechanical control head provides reliable operation of the input and output functions.

    Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical System for Fire Suppression

    • Flexible piping configurations allow for a streamlined design that will not interfere with space limitations.
    • Critical elements of the system such as the control head, cylinder valve assembly and gas shut-off valve are fully assembled and 100% inspected by Pyro-Chem.

    Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical System for Fire Suppression

    • Protective nozzle caps help prevent contamination and blockage by paint or other commercial byproducts that can inhibit the proper discharge of extinguishing agent.
    • The MONARCH system is available in a variety of seizes economically suite to fit specific needs, designed with the flexibility to accommodate changes to assembly line layout or work area expansion.
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